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Apr 21 -


clichés, clichés, clichés. Tumblr is full of boring clichés. Why are we so addicted to clichés? This blog seeks different perspectives than the usual clichés, as it is my opinion that the clichés are only making us less intelligent, and stopping us from thinking outside a certain frame. I'm so tired of nude pics of skinny girls, pictures of people having sex, pictures of nature with quotes on. The boring stuff that doesn't challenge anything. Give me something else. I'm not claiming that this blog does not contain any clichés at all, I believe that most human beings are a cliché, which makes some clichés inevitable. I am a psycology student with a passion for art and design. I'm inspired by Chuck Palahniuk, Jean Baudrillard, sarcasm, fuckup clichés, hyper reality, street art and sociology ++